Why You Need Professional Sump Pump Installation

Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, living in a flood zone or experiencing regular flooding in the basement of your building can be depressing. Anyone living in a flood zone needs to have a sump pump installed in the basement of their residence. Without a sump pump, the waters will rise within the home, destroying everything in its wake and causing thousands of dollars’ worth of damages and insurance claims. 

What’s the Purpose of a Sump Pump? 

A sump pump will suction water from a source and then, by use of a hose, spit the water out in another area. Most people who have sump pumps in their basements have the hose going outside a window so that water in the basement is brought back outside. Some have their sump pump hoses put into a drain that goes into their sewage system. These pumps are completely water resistant, so they can be fully submerged and still work the way that they are intended. Sump pumps, when maintained properly, can last about 10 years before needing to be replaced. 

Using it for Emergencies 

If you do not experience flooding often, you’ll probably only use the sump pump for emergencies a few times a year. However, it’s crucial that you know how to hook up and install the pump so that you can get it working before the water can rise in the basement. Testing out the pump before an emergency occurs is a good way to understand how the pump works and what you need to do to get it to work to its full potential. 

Why Have One Professionally Installed? 

When you choose a local sump pump installation St. Paul MN company, they will come out to your home or business and install the pump so that it is working permanently. The pump will then turn on automatically when it detects water, which can save you the hassle and time of having to hook it up each time flood water enters your home. Plus, by having a sump pump permanently installed, it’ll be there to care for your home while you’re away. Permanent installation costs a lot more money, but it’s worth its weight in gold when flood waters rise, and your house is protected. 

Choosing the Right Pump 

Sump pumps can either be small for tiny areas or large for more spacious basements. If you cheap out and buy a smaller pump, hoping that it’ll work for your 1,000 square foot basement, you’ll notice that the pump can’t keep up with the amount of water that is entering the residence. However, going too big can also be a problem because the motor may run harder without enough water to pump into it. Plus, larger pumps can cost roughly $2,000, so you’ll be spending too much if it’s too big for the house. Ask a sump pump professional about the size that you will need for your home’s basement.