Why are Digital Scanners More Secure?

When it comes to managing financial transactions, security is the first priority. And it becomes that much more critical when you are trying to automate the transaction processing activity. The concern that many people raise here is that the automation process removes human intervention. Now when human intervention is removed it becomes important to ensure that the security is not compromised.

Here is an explanation as to why Panni Scanner is a secure way of scanning and processing checks.

Less Human Intervention Means Less Human Manipulation

Hardware and software used in a digital device operate as per the logic and process defined for them. They are not capable of changing these things on their own. It is always the human element that is capable of committing a fraud. Since the process is automated, there are less number of people handling the check manually. This means the chances of foul play committed by a human being are reduced.

Digital Authentication Process in Place

There is a well-crafted digital authentication process in place which uses public key cryptography and digital signatures. The system utilizes these two to make sure that the person who is issuing checks is authorized to do so from a particular account.

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Encryption of E-Cheques

If you are using e-cheques, then be rest assured that these e-cheques are automatically encrypted and check for duplication. This makes your deposits completely safe.

Digital Storage Security

The digital image that is created of the cheque is stored in a central database that is protected by several security protocols. Back-up copies of this information is also stored at multiple places to ensure that it is safe and protected. The digital information is further sent to the digital archives using encryption and high protected routing to make sure not breach is caused.