To Live a Customs Certified Life

If you are a common man, then probably you won’t be interested in this because this is not for common man. These are especially for those people who deal with import and export, especially with the local customs. Getting a customs certified product is easy, but when you start off initially, getting your customs cleared for the same very products can be more dangerous. Clearing customs is one thing people are scared and worried about at the same time. But, to solve your problems, here comes Clearit.

What is Clearit?

In simple words, Clearit is a business developer. They are a company which helps people deal with the local customs efficiently and better than before. From passing customs to going for import and export qualities, Clearit does it all with ease.

What are all the services which are being offered by Clearit?

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There are quite a number of services which you will receive once you come in accordance with Clearit. Below are some of the mentioned services which are offered by Clearit as the moment.

  • Services which are related to customs brokerage
  • Services which are related to importing of cars
  • Services which include Non Residential imports
  • Services which helps you in generating the ITN number for AES
  • Services which are related to the customs brokerage which are of white label
  • Services which regards the consultation related to the topic of customs
  • Services which regards to the solutions to the concept behind E-commerce customs.

What are the different tools that you get to use along with Clearit?

Using Clearit also involves the usage of some tools, which are to be sure, free of costs. Thus, using any tool on Clearit is totally free of any kind of costs. Following are the tools which you get to use in Clearit.

  • Calculator for calculations regarding duty and tax
  • Rates regarding the customs duties
  • Code lookups of HS
  • Different documents and different forms
  • Guide on how you can go about importing
  • Some useful links regarding the services of Clearit and also the respective contacts regarding the services laid by Clearit
  • Guide on how you can go about importing stuffs from China
  • The latest news reports regarding CBSA
  • Some frequently asked questions regarding the top 10 CBSA

That is a whole lot of useful stuffs you get to see in Clearit. So, if you are someone very much interested in the local customs and all the information related to local customs and how to go about different processes which involves the local customs, then this is probably one of the best places you should be staying at.