The Most Creative Uses for Acrylic Domes and Spheres

Acrylic fabrication offers almost limitless possibilities to creative individuals, who want to push the boundaries with art or manufacturing. In the right hands, acrylic fabrication can become a tool to create a phenomenal range of structures and objects – and in the case of acrylic domes and spheres, the domes themselves are hard-wearing, practical objects safe for use in a variety of applications. For an idea of what’s possible with acrylic domes and spheres, just check out:

Kylie’s Minogue’s Giant Martini Glass Vogue Cover

In December 2003, Kylie Minogue appeared on the front cover of Vogue posed in a giant martini glass made by Talbot Designs. Constructed from two acrylic domes connected by a slender stem, the giant “glass” was strong enough to take the Princess of Pop’s weight and looked fantastic on the front cover.


The Ringling Brothers Circus Acrobatics

The world-famous Ringling Brothers in Las Vegas recently commissioned a series of acrylic domes from Talbot Designs, designed to fit together to form huge transparent spheres big enough to hold an acrobat.

During their performance, the acrobats perform in the elevated spheres, which open and close as the show goes on, leading to a spectacular climax as the performers defy death in the transparent spheres, suspended high in the air!

Tough and versatile enough for such work, and safe for use high in the air, acrylic domes are perfect for creating these electrifying shows.

Butlins Frosted Spheres

A less dramatic use for acrylic spheres includes using them as an art installation – not a heart-stopping circus showpiece or a chair for pop royalty, but no less beautiful and important. As well as engraving and painting the spheres, as seen in the Art Sphere and the Islamic Art Centre, they can be frosted and suspended as striking light fixtures, with a bright light inside to illuminate their surroundings. The frosted acrylic dome diffuses the light and creates a soft, pleasant effect, as seen in the frosted light spheres at Butlins swimming pool.

Chester Zoo Observation Domes

Another use for acrylic domes that’s sure to set the pulse racing is in the observation domes at Chester Zoo. Perfect for getting up close and personal with the animals at the zoo, these domes let visitors actually get inside the enclosure, with a full field of vision and no barrier but the acrylic dome between them and the enclosure.

For this to be possible, the dome needs two properties – it needs to be transparent, which acrylic domes famously are, and it needs to be extremely strong. Luckily, while less well-known than their transparency, this is also a feature of acrylic domes. They tend to be very sturdy and difficult to damage – for more information, talk to the experts and get their advice.

The Clod Ensemble – Under Glass

Perhaps the most creative artistic use for acrylic domes was by an artistic group named The Clod Ensemble in their performance art piece “Under Glass”. Consisting of series of scenes playing out in giant jars, glass collector’s cases, petri dishes and test tubes, all of which were fabricated from acrylic domes and spheres by Talbot Designs this year.

A young woman languishes in a huge jar, a couple argues over their space in a bed/petri dish, a wallflower ends up pinned behind collector’s glass and more in this extremely creative troupe’s performance, which reflects on society, relationships and art with the help of a lot of custom-built acrylic.

If you have an idea for a creative use for acrylic domes or you want to make an enquiry with Talbot Designs, you can call them on 020 8346 8515 or visit the site today!