Karakul sheep – one of the most required breed on the market

Sheep are one of the oldest creatures which were bred especially when shepherds discovered that dry weather and the cold area is very suitable for sheep farming. Nowadays, there are about 200 sheep breeds around the world and the characteristics of them raise the interests of the human regarding breeding. In consequence, depending on the geographic region. Some types of breed are more suitable for their wool and some are farmed for their tender meat. No matter the reason people raise sheep, the livestock breeding has developed a lot in order to obtain quality for their characteristic traits.

Karakul sheep for sale

In Romania, production of the sheep is increasing annually so there can be found different types of breeds such as Tscurcana, Karakul and Tsigai. Considering the fact that Romanians are not regular consumers of the Lamb and mutton, this country is able to export approximate more than 1 million of heads of sheep every year.

It seems that karakul sheep flock is one of the most wanted on the market because of their special traits. So if you want to buy sheep you can visit the websites of the Romanian exporters choose wisely.

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Karakul sheep breed characteristics

It is well known the fact that one of the oldest domesticated sheep breeds is karakul. There are some archeological discoveries which indicate the existence of karakul lambskins in 1400 BC.

Karakul is one sheep breed which is raised especially for the skins of very young lambs. They are covered with silky, strong and curled black coats. In the wool trade, these are called Persian lamb. In general, they are medium-sized animals and have multi purposes– they are used for meat, milk, wool.

These sheep are easily characterized by their colored fleece, which is due to a dominant black gene.

The wool of mature Karakul sheep is a mixture of harsh and fine fibers, has a length of 15 to 25 cm. The variety of colors is another important characteristic trait – Karakul can have different shades of brown and gray. This sheep breed of Central or West Asian origin is highly hair productive. In general, male sheep weights about 90 kg and has horns and female weights 65 kg and has no horns.

One of the most significant traits is the resistance to internal parasites, and this isn’t a specific feature for every type of breed. The Karakul ewes are very protective mothers and are able to produce 3 lambs in 2 years so this type of breed has a high lamb survival rate.

Karakul sheep flock sale

The Karakul breed has a strong flocking instinct which made them more easy to handle. If you’re looking to buy sheep livestock you can choose to buy karakul sheep flock because of their special traits.

In addition to this, karakul is characterized by the deposit of fat at the base of the tail instead of throughout the body. Since BC, the tails of these active animals enabled them to survive. This type of fat is distinctive in texture and flavors from other body fat and for this reason, is very appreciated in the cuisine of Central Asia. For example, people use the tail to add juiciness and flavor to grilled meat, to grease cookware, or to add the mild flavor to a dish.