Karakul sheep for sale – Where to find the best offers?

Karakul sheep is a type of breed which existed since 2500 BC according to the discoveries. This is one of the oldest species on the planet. Until not long ago, the karakul sheep was very demanded for the quality of the skin. Maybe you’re asking yourself why. Well, since it has no wool, but a thick and delicate coat, this type of skin was great for the production of fine garments.

However, since the market began to use finer fibers and synthetic materials for the garments, the Karakul sheep isn’t the „star” of this industry anymore. In fact, people have discovered that Karakul owns sheep meat with less fat.

Karakul sheep flock sale

If you’re interested to buy karakul sheep flock, there are some things you must know about karakul sheep flock.
This type of breed is very appreciated in the entire world because it adapts to any climate, but better in those areas with low humidity. More than that, the karakul sheep flock adapt to every condition – from extreme heat to cold. The Karakul sheep has many qualities such as hardiness and adaptability and has multiple uses: fur, fleece, and meat. They have a great resistance to internal parasites. Due to the harsh conditions met by the karakul sheep, they have strong and lasting teeth.

Karakul sheep breed: Multi-purposes

This type of sheep breed is medium-size. In comparison to other sheep breeds, the Karakul is characterized by a stored fat in their large tail. This particularity is similar in function to the camel’s hump – it is a source of nourishment. Besides, the mothers are very protective and this generates a high survival rate at lambs.
Some types of a breed are multi-purposes and karakul sheep is one of them. So a karakul sheep flock for sale can have use in dairy products, wool or meat – depending on what purposes do you have.
They have a strong flock instinct and they are lively. Obedient with the handlers they know, these friendly creatures are one of the oldest breeds in the world. Also called the fat-tailed sheep or Qaraqul this type of breed is appreciated in many countries.

In comparison to other breeds, Karakul sheep has some special traits and a great resistance to parasites. They have a fat stored in their tails which enabled them to survive. In Asian Cuisine, people use the tail fat to cook. The grilled meat has juiciness and flavour due to this ingredient.

Karakul Sheep Breed for Sale

If you want to find the best offers to karakul sheep for sale, you could choose Seradria, a Romanian exporter with over 23 years experience. When you buy from a reliable exporter you have lots of benefits such as good prices and quality guaranteed.

As a matter of fact, you have to pay attention to some things when you make a deal such as:

Verify if the company you choose can provide you with all the registration and certificates required by your country
Also, you should know that the identification numbers of the sheep must be electronically stored and uploaded to National Sanitary for Food Safety. You’ll have to be sure that you’ll get all the documentation needed.
The Karakul flock sale must be provided with proper nourishment. Alfalfa, called also Lucerne in suitable rations is a great choice. The nutrition requires lots of minerals, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins such as C, D, E, and K.