How could your customers benefit from grub set screws?

Want to give your customers the best brass or stainless steel grub screws? Manufactured by top companies – such as Pattern Fasteners – and then sent to suppliers, grub set screws are essential in a range of DIY projects. Small but mighty, grub set screws tend to be found in little household items that require miniature fastening solutions. Grub screws can even be custom to your own requirements if in need of fastening a unique item.

What is a grub set screw?

A grub screw from Pattern Fasteners is a specialist fastening item. Traditionally made from stainless steel or brass, a grub set screw will not feature any protruding heads when they are flush with the item they’re inserted into.

They also conventionally come in three types of socket shapes and designs:

  • Socket head grub screw with a hexagonal socket.
  • Torx head grub set screws with a hexalobular or torx drive.
  • Slotted head grub screws with a standard slotted or flat head drive.

Below are the key reasons why your customers could benefit from both traditionally designed and bespoke grub screws.

Used for space saving

Their size makes grub screws perfect for small applications such as mobile phones door handles or e-cigarettes.

Grub screws sit flush in their pre-formed hole, meaning there is no protruding head to cause any uncomfortable or awkward handling.

If you want to supply your customers with screws that are perfect for small appliances, then grub screw sets are the best choice.

Used for outdoor appliances

The general size of grub screws also makes them ideal to use for outdoor applications. As the head of the screw is barely visible, how can the elements affect it? Whether they are to be in blistering heat, heavy rainfall or high winds, grub set screws will not be affected due to their small surface area.

With the number of appliances people need outdoors consistently, grub screws are handy to help keep them intact without the elements causing them to rust and fall apart.

Bespoke grub screws from Pattern Fasteners

Want a specific shape or design for your bespoke grub screws? Just let the Pattern Fasteners team know – they will get to work on it straight away.

The company specialises in manufacturing custom fasteners for all types of fastening items, including grub screws. With a custom grub screw from this team of skilful engineers, there is no limit to the design you can have – you don’t need to stick to the three traditional designs.

For further information on traditional or custom grub screw designs for your customers from Pattern Fasteners, feel free to contact them directly. You can get in touch by either calling 0121 330 0854, emailing or filling out their contact form.