Everything you need to know about skip hire

Understanding the way that skip hire Preston works will essentially make it easier for you when it comes to hiring a skip. Having a brief understanding and knowing the basics will ensure that you know what to look out for and how to find the right skip hire company.

Skips Preston is a reputable skip hire company that offers skip hire to various locations in the North West- making them your go-to provider. If you’re not sure whether skip hire Prestonor skip hire Boltonis right for you, Skips Preston can help you!

What can I put in my skip?

Skips are used for many different projects, whether it be a home renovation or a complete reconstruction. The skips that Skips Preston provide for skip hire Preston are guaranteed to accommodate the quantity of waste that you expect your project to produce and offer sufficient storage space for unwanted materials.

Generally, any non-hazardous waste can be thrown in a skip, including construction waste, domestic waste and garden waste. If your project generates hazardous waste, this is not something that Skips Preston can’t accept. Such projects require a permit to legalise the disposal of hazardous waste because these materials require careful disposal.

Which skip do I need?

When it comes to skip hire Wigan, there are several options available to you. Will you need a domestic skip or a commercial skip; an open skip or a covered skip?

Domestic skip hire Wigan is recommended for small projects that produce a substantial amount of waste. These skips start from 2-cubic yards which allow you to store items that are too big to fit in the wheelie bin or the boot of your car, and range right the way up to 16-cubic yards which are only suitable for lightweight materials.

Open skips are often the most common skips for projects but skips that are covered ensure that waste is protected against all weathers and eliminate the risk of injury by storing items reliably.

If you’re undertaking a large project and expect there to be an immense volume of waste produced, it may be worthwhile investing in commercial skip hire Wigan.

To determine which skip you need, discuss your project in further detail with Skips Preston by calling 01772827603.

What happens to waste that’s stored in skips?

When you chooseskip hire Leyland, you leave the arduous work to the professionals. They take care of waste disposal and make sure that it’s handled safely. Once the skip that you hired for your project is collected from your premises, it is transported to the nearest sorting facility where recyclable items are removed and disposed of appropriately.

The skips provided for skip hire Leyland are taken to the sorting facility to ensure compliance with EU and UK regulations. Skips Preston make sure that the waste held inside their skips is disposed of properly, hence why they recycle 80-90% of all items.

How much waste can I put in my skip?

There are certain do’s and don’ts to skip hire Bolton, one of the don’ts being that it’s ILLEGAL to overload your skip! Any skips that are overloaded make it difficult for the fleet drivers to transport on the back of the reliable fleets.

Any skips that have waste spilling out of the sides can be refused by the fleet driver, which will mean that you either need to pay for the excess materials to be collected or you’ll need to arrange skip hire Bolton to accommodate the materials that don’t fit in your skip.

When skips are too full, they make it unsafe for the fleets to carry waste and don’t only compromise the safety of you and the fleet driver but others in the surrounding area too.

Where can I leave my skip?

Skips that are left on your private property can be stored almost anywhere. Before your skip arrives, you need to make sure that there is sufficient space for our fleets to deliver and collect it.

With skip hire Chorley, Skips Preston deliver your skip to a location of your choice. Once your skip is placed, don’t be tempted to move the skip yourself- it’s too heavy and can result in injury.

When skips are left on the road, a permit for your skip hire Chorley will be required. The permit is to be obtained by the local council and Skips Preston can arrange it on your behalf. Any additional costs for the permit will be added to the overall cost of your skip hire Chorley, allowing you to benefit from cost-effective waste disposal.

Have you found out everything that you need to know about hiring a skip? Why not order a skip today?