DX Closed Network – Make Cost Reductions

Reducing business costs and making unavoidable expenses more absorbable are vital to healthy profit margins and survival. One alterable area is the medium via which your post is sent. If you’re still using stamps and Royal Mail please read on to be pleasantly surprised.

What is DX?

DX Mail is a viable and cost effective alternative to Royal Mail. DX stands for Document Exchange and the major differences between this and mainstream mail is that each user has a designated number rather than utilising their full postal address; DX is a private mail network for which companies pay a fee to be a member and DX guarantees 9a.m. delivery between parties in the DX closed network with efficiency, tracking and delivery notifications, not as special services but every day tools.

  • The DX closed network has facilitated a 95{075199423ee13b9d3c1ee2c97b8b1c831ef297e211b8124e99b132452d3c2c41} decrease in losses by UK government agencies since 2004.
  • DX has been in operation for over 40 years.
  • DX has never suffered from strikes or services interruptions.

The concept of the DX closed network originated with legal sector workers who previously agreed a time and place to meet to exchange documents confidentially.

Employing 5500 vetted staff and with 25000 plus members, DX Mail is by no means the poor relation to Royal Mail. DX handles around 200 million items in the UK and Eire per annum and is viewed as a trustworthy network for sending sensitive government, legal, business and financial documents, as they are at delivering parcels and large items.

They have recently invested approximately £25 million in IT and network expansion.

No stamps, no addresses, no manifests, franking or weighing required. The annual subscription allows mail up to 25kg with just the DX address on it.

e.g. From: Swansea 123456 to Liverpool 987654.

The DX closed network members are listed in a secure online directory and these details are sufficient for effective delivery.

Delivery notifications and online tracking are invaluable and DX offers collection and delivery services for maximum convenience.

Since 2011, they have also offered the equivalent of 2nd class mail with their DX DSA service. This can save money on less time sensitive mail.

DX Monitoring

Firms like IMS Franking in Aldermaston offer resources and consultancy skills to allow you to recognise where DX cost reductions could be enjoyed and how economic this option is compared to couriers and Royal Mail services. Remember, DX guarantees a 9.a.m. delivery so your service delivery is at optimum levels.

For example, the IMS DX Eagle Eye monitoring tool permits management of costs, services and highlights where savings can be made. It is time and cost effective.

  • DX Mail Exchange annual membership fees apply after a one-off joining fee.
  • Annual box charges apply with larger exchanges in the DX closed network for maintenance.
  • Additional charges are levied for exclusive use on-premises exchanges.

DX monitoring can deliver savings of around 25{075199423ee13b9d3c1ee2c97b8b1c831ef297e211b8124e99b132452d3c2c41}. Can you afford to shrug your shoulders about this much of a saving? No, few businesses could. Act today.