Consulting Services Price List Colorado

We are regularly asked what our prices are for the various services that we offer. This is naturally a concern for anyone who is looking for accounting services for their business. You have to know how much you’re able to spend and how much the accounting firm is going to charge for their services before you commit to any sort of transaction. We don’t offer a consulting services price list Colorado, however.

This is how we typically operate: first, you contact us to let us know what your needs are. Then we set up a meeting to discuss what are fees are during an initial appointment. At this meeting, you are not obligated to sign up for any of our services or to pay anything. This is just an appointment to discuss any questions you have and to see how we can help you. It may be that another company would be a better fit for your business needs. We want to discuss your needs and how we could possibly be of service before we move forward.

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At this meeting, we also discuss our fees. This is where we provide you with prices for the various services we offer. Our rates vary based on the volume of transactions you do. We charge our clients a fixed monthly fee based on that number. Transactions might include the number of checks/debits written, the number of deposits made, credit card transactions completed, etc.

This flat monthly fee includes our accounting and bookkeeping services. Additionally, it includes accounting software and the support that goes with it. The fee also includes one federal business tax return and one state return for S-corporations, C-corporations, or partnerships. It also includes an audit support fee.

Consulting services are included in the monthly fee. You can have as many consultations with our professional staff members as you need. We are here to answer your questions and to provide you with detailed and accurate information to help you make the best business decisions possible. Never hesitate to give us a call to ask a question or to set up a meeting to learn more about a specific topic. We are happy to help whenever we can.

So while we don’t have a consulting services price list Colorado, we do offer a wide range of services, including unlimited consulting, for a flat monthly rate. Call us today to learn more.