Cold Rooms for Temporary Storage

It may be that your events venue, restaurant or hotel is experiencing increased levels of business, the on-site refrigeration breaks down or a special event which requires catering on a one-off basis, an exhibition or a country show, means you need refrigeration to house large amounts of stock.

There are cost effective, easy to arrange, legislation adhering commercial appliances available through hire firms to ensure that food is kept at optimum freshness and quality and your stress levels remain wonderfully low.

You can choose from fridge trailers or walk-in cold rooms, both can be used inside or outdoors, although the preference is for modular cold rooms to be housed internally, trailers externally.

Unlike trailers, walk-in cold rooms are static and they are regularly constructed on site. This means that whatever the size of facilities you hire, they will fit in through the doors.

Alongside walk-in cold rooms you’ll find that temporary freezer rooms are widely available and are often supplied by the same service providers. The market is very competitive which is good news because you’ll secure a great deal.

If you do your research you’ll get a good idea of the correct price range. Please don’t opt for modular cold room hire with a firm that offers a considerably different fee than rivals. This frequently indicates that they’re experiencing problems and struggling to win business and charging much less in the hope that it will save them. Ask yourself why they would need to take this drastic approach if their service and facilities complied with expectations and regulations.

It’s best to use a hire firm like Icecool Trailers who have an excellent reputation, have been in the industry for several years and are proven to have excellent, law abiding, well maintained walk-in cold rooms and temporary freezer rooms.

  • Modular cold rooms are available in different sizes and capacities. 1.8m and 3m are common sizes.
  • They are powered by mains or generator. Perfect for locations away from power sources.
  • Delivery and collection of temporary walk-in cold rooms and freezers is included.
  • Facilities are set up and powered down by the hire firm which allows you to focus on other tasks.
  • Shelving can be restructured to meet needs.
  • Firms can easily extend hire periods.
  • Staff can work in the modular cold rooms without contravening regulations.
  • Clients must insure the stock they place in the facilities. Only the units are insured with the hire company.
  • Many leading firms have emergency services available 24/7. Venues are rarely 9-5 operations and whatever the hour they’ll respond efficiently, they appreciate the ramifications of compromised and lost food stock.

Remember to hire the walk-in cold rooms and temporary freezers for a duration that allows you to have peace of mind and time to clear up after an event. Some customers choose to hire resources for the shortest possible time but learn that this places more pressure on them at the end of the hire, with little cost reduction.

Speak to a modular cold rooms and freezer specialist today.