All you should know before going under plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is generally of two types first one is reconstructive surgery and the other one is cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery is done primarily to restore function while cosmetic surgery is done to change the physical appearance of a person. If you are thinking to get plastic surgery then you must go for plastic surgery NYC.

Individuals generally went under cosmetic surgery to give a change to their physical appearance. Although their physical appearance is normal sometimes they want to change their breast size or to change the shape of the nose. Generally, they do it to change the appearance of their disfigured body part while reconstructive surgery is done to improve the function of the body part.

Why people decide to get plastic surgery

  1. To remove birthmarks: some people decide to get reconstructive surgery to remove birthmarks. Because they may feel embarrassed due to their birthmarks. While some people get plastic surgery to restore their dysfunctional body part
  2. Accidents: Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. Accidents like mishap at the workplace, accidents while driving, wrong experiments in the lab and these accidents left scars on people’s body or face. So they wish to get surgery to remove those scars.
  3. Boost confidence: Some people have low self-esteem because they think that they have an imperfect body. They think that if they will have a shapely body their confidence will boost up. Although this is not a way to boost up your self-esteem still they decide to get plastic surgery to get a shapely body. a
  4. Due to severe illness: one of the major reason for plastic surgery is a severe illness like cancer. People who go through a problem like breast cancer have to get plastic surgery to remove their affected breast.
  5. Weight loss: some people feel embarrassed due to over/under the weight of body so they decided to go under through plastic surgery to a perfect figured body to look more attractive and good looking.

Consequences of plastic surgery:

  • Nerve damage: nerve damage is one the main consequence which a person can feel after getting plastic surgery. Specially women, who went under plastic surgery to change the size of the breast, if they feel numbness and tingling then it is a sign of nerve damage. 15% of women lose sensation in their nipple.
  • The procedure may go wrong: everything comes with a risk because nothing is sure in this life. There is a chance of negative repercussions of plastic surgery if the procedure of the surgery did go like it was planned. And the result is individuals end up with serious psychological loss.
  • Heavy financial cost: If you are thinking to get a plastic then you must need lakhs of rupees. As plastic surgery cost thousands of dollars and this surgery can only be done by experienced doctors.

Final thoughts

Well getting plastic surgery is not an easy step if you have decided to get a plastic surgery then you must contact doctors of plastic surgery NYC as New York City has most experienced doctors.